Wilmington’s Earth Year is a series of programs and initiatives, funded by the Friends of the Library’s 2019 Annual Appeal, aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues. Programming was initially scheduled to begin April 2020 but had to be scaled back during the first several months of the pandemic. The series is kicking off in earnest again starting April 2021 and will run through September 2021. Through education and action, we can help to make Wilmington and the world a better place.

Submission Rules

Thank you for submitting your work to Wilmington’s Earth Year! The process should take about ten to fifteen minutes to complete. We are looking for photos and videos in the following categories:

  • Nature Scenes and Wildlife of Wilmington
  • Beautify Wilmington (picking up trash, areas that need beautifying, etc.)
  • Green Living (show how you are helping the planet)

To submit your work, click the link at the bottom of this page if your work meets the following guidelines:

  • Your work is original, and you own the rights
  • Content is appropriate for all ages
  • A short description of your work is included